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About Us

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Disability Assist’s vision is a world where disabled people can live as independently as possible.


This means that they have the same access to the opportunities enjoyed by their non-disabled peers and are included in society as full and equal citizens.


We exist to help disabled people in Kent to be self-advocates, to take control over their own lives and to have real choice.

Our job is whatever is required to support disabled people to lead a more independent life, from helping people access the right services and information to campaigning for change.


We get it!

We are a user led organisation which means we are run by disabled people. We know the issues because we have lived experience of disability.

We are practical

We offer bespoke support and work with the individual to find the best approach to suit them.

We want to empower

We want to help disabled people to take control and have real choice for a better, more independent life.

We are resourceful

We have the necessary skills, know how to find the appropriate help and who to contact to get the right results.

We are Inclusive

We are a pan-disability organisation and can help adults in Kent with any physical disability or long-term health condition.


Or if we can’t help for any reason, we know the right place to signpost them to.

Our Story

Our story

Disability Assist was previously known as Centre for Independent Living Kent (CiLK).


CiLK was formed in April 2002 to support the positive promotion and uptake of Direct Payments and independent living for disabled people living in Kent.

Until this point, disabled people in Kent had been struggling to set up a Centre for Independent Living but had not been supported or able to gain funding to achieve it so establishing CiLK was a turning point.


In December 2015, CiLK joined forces with The Simon Paul Foundation, a physical disability organisation based in North West Kent so that disabled people across the county could benefit from universal services with just one point of contact.


The coming together of the two organisations was seen as a very positive step in CiLK’s history and enabled CiLK to retain Simon Paul Foundation’s staff and the valuable links the organisation had with the North West Kent communities.

Our staff

Our Staff

Our trustees

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Andrew Robertson


Vicci Chittenden



Trustee & PA Employer

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Treasurer & PA Employer

Chris Wise




Sonia Mallion



Company Secretary

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Hannah Tutt



Trustee & PA Employer

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Trustee & PA Employer

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