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Services for individuals

We provide services that are developed and shaped by people with lived experience of disability.


It is important to us that we ensure the services we deliver are done so in a way that disabled people use, need and value.

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Information, guidance and advice

We can provide information on a range of topics around independent living and all aspects of life with a disability.


Examples include knowledge about what support is available in Kent, how to access services, advice on wheelchairs and other aids and equipment, accessible transport and housing, recruiting personal assistants and much more.

Peer support

When we are going through difficulties, it can often be useful to speak to someone who can offer help through an unbiased opinion.

All of our advisors are disabled themselves, so we are able to support other disabled people with knowledge and understanding of how to overcome daily obstacles related to their disability.

We can talk through any issues the person may wish to discuss and would like support with, either on a one-off or ongoing basis.


We can support people to know and understand their rights when it comes to health and social welfare.

We help them to express their views, wishes and needs to ensure they are involved when decisions need to be made.

Our advocates take time to understand the situation, explore the options and help the individual decide what they want to do and how they want to do it.

We promote self-advocacy, so help to give the individuals the information and tools they need to advocate for themselves. 

Benefits support

The benefits system can be confusing so we provide guidance on the main schemes for disabled people, such as Personal Independent Payments, Employment and Support Allowance, Attendance Allowance and Access to Work so that disabled people can access finances and resources to help them live more independently.

We can assist with form filling, help with preparation for assessments, as well as the tribunal process. 

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The process

Disability Assist has a team of advisors who will discuss your needs and provide bespoke support.


Our representatives will listen to fully understand and establish your unique situation.


We will then provide information to meet those needs in the format that best suits the individual.


This could be services directly offered by us or signposting to another organisation that can help.

Information and guidance can be provided by telephone, email or by post, but also face-to-face by appointment or during outreach sessions.


All information is provided by our Information Officers, who all have lived experience of disability.

If you would like further information on how we can help you, or know someone who would benefit from support from us, please contact us using our referral form.

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