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Back of a group of volunteers

Volunteers play a crucial role in helping achieve our mission and we could not achieve our goals without their hard work.


Volunteering with Disability Assist gives you the opportunity to play a valuable role in supporting disabled people to feel safe and secure, moving towards being self-advocates, to take control and have real choice over how they live their lives. 

Our volunteers can help to support the charity in several ways, including:

  • Partnering with colleagues, for example by providing administrative support, or helping to deliver projects.

  • Championing Disability Assist by helping to spread the word and connecting us with communities and partners.

  • Building the community, for example by helping to recruit, train or support other volunteers.


We believe that by harnessing the passion and skills of our volunteer community, we can achieve more for disabled adults and are committed to engaging volunteers in this mission wherever possible.


In return, we aim to deliver a rewarding experience which allows individuals to learn and develop.


We offer training so that our volunteers feel well equipped to support the work of Disability Assist.

We will advertise volunteering opportunities on our jobs page so please check here to see what is available.


Alternatively, please get in touch via our contact page to register your interest in volunteering with us.

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