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Information Officer (West & North Kent & Swale)

Hybrid working, but mostly home-based

About the Role

£14.26 per hour

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy


Information Officers will provide intensive casework support to clients across their ‘area’ who have more complex support needs (i.e. those who cannot ‘self-help’ using resources supplied on the website/social media nor be helped by the Contact Centre Officer).

Information Officers will be ostensibly home-based, but will (when practicable and safe) work face-to-face with clients in community venues and occasionally in the client’s home. Information Officers will use their experience and knowledge to deliver support which informs and empowers clients to address a specific issue or issues.

Duties will include:

  • Monitor the Podio CRMS for new client enquiries/referrals for clients based in West, North Kent and Swale (as defined above)

  • Supporting the triage function of the organisation

  • Make contact with the client in accordance with their support needs and in a timely manner

  • Work with each client to identify the best/appropriate support programme

  • Gather client impact data on completion of the support programme

  • Accurately input and maintain client records on the Podio CRMS

  • Work with the Marketing and Communications Officer to ensure the client support resources on the website are current, up-to-date and correct

  • Identify opportunities to support the promotion of the organisation and its services

  • Actively contribute to team meetings

  • Proactively identify opportunities to improve client support services

  • Take part in continuous professional development/training opportunities

  • Other duties required to improve client support services

Please refer to the job description for further information.

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