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Benefits Advice Appointments - February 2023

We can offer advice on the entire benefits process, from filling in the form through to tribunal and appeal advice if necessary. So if you would like some guidance, please get in touch with us to book. Our benefits advice service is currently very busy so please contact us as early as possible to ensure we can help you in good time.

Please note that we are only able to work with clients who have a physical disability or long-term disabling health condition. We are unable to help anyone who has not booked an appointment in advance so please make sure you contact us before going to any of the locations below.

We have the following appointments and locations available in February:

1st Asda in Folkestone 9am - 4pm

15th Asda in Folkestone 9am - 4pm

20th Asda in Canterbury 10am - 4pm

22nd Fusion in Maidstone 10am - 4pm

24th Westwood Cross in Broadstairs 10am - 4pm

27th Charlton Centre in Dover 10am - 4pm

Appointments get booked quickly so please get in touch as soon as possible if you would like some help. Alternatively, if you are unable to travel to any of these locations, please get in touch to see how we might be able to support you.

To book an appointment, please call us on 01233 633187 or click the link below to fill in our online form.

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