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Running for a cause: Mark is supporting Disability Assist!

2024 will see a dedicated Kent individual lacing up his running shoes to support our cause. Mark Albiston, Director for Adult Social Care and Health at Kent County Council, is not only a seasoned runner but also a passionate advocate for a society free from barriers for people with disabilities. And Mark is going the extra mile for Disability Assist—quite literally!


Mark is taking on a formidable running challenge on 2nd March 2024 in the form of the Saddleworth Ten Res’s. Picture this: a grueling 26-mile route around Saddleworth Moor, navigating 10 local reservoirs, and conquering a staggering 4273 feet of ascent. It's not just a run, it's a testament to his dedication to making a real impact in the lives of the disabled people that we work with across the county.


What makes Mark's endeavour even more special is his personal connection to the cause. He explains,

“As a registered social worker and director for adult social care and health in Kent, I am passionate about supporting people to live a life that is free from the many barriers and disadvantages that operate in society, and to take advantage of the many things that I and others take for granted.
My passion is best described through the vision of social care futures which raises the bar for how adult social care and health need to change so that people can “live in a place they call home with the people and things that they love, in communities where they lookout for one another, doing things that matter to those people". “


As the demand for our services grows, so does the need for support.  Disability Assist is a small independent charity and we cherish every supporter, so we are especially grateful for Mark's initiative. The funds raised through his challenge will play a crucial role in helping us to support adults with disabilities and long-term health conditions in Kent.


If you, too, want to contribute to our cause and be a part of Mark's journey, you can donate to Disability Assist via PayPal using the link provided below. Every penny counts!  Please join us in applauding Mark for his incredible dedication and wish him the best as he races towards making a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals in Kent.

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