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Share Your Story with Us

Updated: Jan 31

At Disability Assist, we believe in the power of personal stories. Your experiences and perspectives are not just valuable, they are crucial in shaping the narrative around issues that impact people with disabilities. Your voice matters and we want to make sure it is heard at whatever level you are willing to share.

As a charity, we often find ourselves in the spotlight when we are asked to share our insights on various news stories. However, we are increasingly asked by the media for input from those who live with disabilities. That's where you come in, because our clients are the heart and soul of our community.

If Disability Assist has played a positive role in your life in helping you to navigate challenges related to housing, deal with issues concerning community access, or you have benefited from our support in claiming benefits, we want to hear from you. Your experiences have the power to illuminate broader topics that impact individuals with physical disabilities throughout the county and we would love to collect some quotes which illustrate the challenges faced by the clients we work with. 


We understand that sharing personal stories can be a deeply personal choice and that's why we're committed to respecting your comfort level. If you wish to remain anonymous, we can make sure that your name and any personal details about your circumstances will not be shared, allowing you to tell your story without the fear of identification.


Maybe you're even open to taking it a step further by speaking directly to a journalist. We're actively seeking individuals who are willing to engage with the media, providing an authentic, first-hand account of their experiences. Your perspective can be a game-changer in fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by our community.


Whether you're comfortable offering a quote for us to share in our own communications or speaking directly to the media, your voice is a catalyst for change. Your willingness to share your journey can inspire change, raise awareness, and foster wider understanding.  If you're ready to be a part of this vital conversation, we invite you to get in touch with us.  Just click on the button below to share your thoughts or to submit your details if you are happy for a member of our team to get in touch. Together, let's ensure that every voice is heard, and every story is given the importance it deserves.

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