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Join Us in Advocating for Fair Adult Social Care Policies in Kent

Updated: Feb 28

Are you or someone you care about currently relying on adult social care services from Kent County Council (KCC)? If not, consider the possibility of needing help in the future.  These critical services are a lifeline to many, and your input is urgently needed.


Kent County Council is considering a significant change in its policy regarding the calculation of contributions towards care costs. This change threatens to significantly burden those of us who rely on these services, potentially wreaking havoc on the financial stability of thousands of Kent residents. KCC have opened a consultation and it is vital that you participate to ensure your concerns are heard.


What is being proposed?

KCC is reviewing how much people may have to pay towards the chargeable care and support services that are provided or arranged at home, such as homecare including supported living, and in the community, such as daytime support.  Currently, KCC does not consider higher or enhanced rates of Attendance Allowance (AA), Personal Independent Payment (PIP), and Disability Living Allowance (DLA) when determining care costs. However, they are proposing to change this approach so that these benefits would be factored into individuals' income, potentially increasing financial obligations towards care expenses.


Why are these changes being proposed? 

Kent County Council faces a staggering £84.5 million funding gap, and these changes are being touted as part of a solution. In addition, there is also a proposed change in policy for those people who pay for all of their care, who are known as self-funders.  KCC wants to introduce a new set up fee for all new self-funders who want KCC to negotiate, arrange and manage care and support services with care providers on their behalf.  This will also add to the cost of your total care bill.  It's important to note that these alterations primarily affect individuals receiving care and support at home or in the community, not those in residential care homes.


What is Disability Assist's point of view?

At Disability Assist, we have deep concerns about the potential consequences of these changes and this is why we have taken action. We have written an open letter to KCC, expressing our worries and advocating for fair policies that prioritise the wellbeing of disabled people and our families. Additionally, we have compiled a document capturing concerns from local disabled residents, highlighting the real-life impact of these proposed changes.  You can read both of these documents below.


Open letter to KCC Social Care Consultation
Download DOCX • 234KB

Voice of Disabled People
Download DOCX • 201KB

We have voiced our concerns, but now it is your turn to speak up. Your input is crucial in shaping these policies that directly impact your lives and the lives of your loved ones. Please take the time to participate in the consultation process; it is our opportunity to voice objections to policies that will impact on almost 16,000 people in Kent. 


How can you share your thoughts?

You can find more information and access the questionnaire at If you can’t get on this website, you can reach KCC by phone at 03000 422 557 or via email at Remember, your feedback is invaluable and it is essential that KCC hear from as many people as possible.  The deadline for consultation submissions is April 7th, 2024.


You may also wish contact your local MP, as this is exactly the sort of topic they are interested in hearing from you about.  You can find your local MP using this link:


Let's ensure that the voices of those of us affected by these proposed policy changes are heard loud and clear so that, together, we can advocate for fair and equitable social care policies in Kent.


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It is so important that we all consider what this will mean for us!

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