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Benefit Guides for Adults

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Benefit Guides

Are you currently receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to? Online benefits calculators may be useful in helping you to check which benefits you could receive. Some ask for a lot of personal information so take the time to review and answer these questions carefully so that you get accurate guidance.

Some benefits are means-tested while others are not. For means-tested benefits, you may be asked to provide information about a range of things, including savings, income, pension, childcare payments and any existing benefits that you (and your partner, where applicable) are already claiming. For disability benefits that are not means-tested, they will not look at your income or savings.

A useful online calculator can be found on the Turn2Us website. This will help you to identify which benefits you might be entitled to -

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

For information on applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), please visit Disability Rights UK which has extensive resources on the whole process

We have also created a flowchart to give you an overview of the stages of the PIP process. This can be downloaded below.

Applying for PIP can be a long and complicated process. You may need to challenge decisions along the way, but using these helpful guides will help you to know your rights. Should you require further help along the way, please contact us.

We will adding more to this page as we create and find resources that you might find useful.

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